$108 MILLION in debt, Gloucester Township Mayor and Council talk about $10 MILLION more debt for "Artificial turf"

As voters go to the polls tomorrow, they should consider the amount of debt that the local politicians have racked up. Gloucester Township has bonded/borrowed
upwards of $108 Million that has doubled since 2007 when Vice President of Council, Orlando Mercado was elected to office.

The township currently has Mayor Mayer speaking with the leaders of local youth sports groups about adding another $10 Million of debt to add "artificial turf" to many of the fields around the township. Not only are there health questions about the base of the turf on the youth sports field, but those same children will inherit, that debt.

It's things like that, that lead some Independent Democrats to go out on their own and join the Republicans in this council race, to what they call "Fiscal Responsibility",

It's nothing more than common sense. People should know that when they cast their vote. It's not just their future, but their children.


Who is "Gloucester Township for Responsible Government" ? Why did Democrats target Republicans for Political mailers?

Gloucester Township, Camden County

Why are Gloucester Township Democrats sending political mail to Republicans? Answer: Because they have an endless supply of Engineer and Contractor money to do so.
The Gloucester Township Democratic organization has a total of 5 PACS (Political Action Committees) that have since 2007, accumulated $1.5 MILLION from
your township Engineers like Remington & Vernick, township solicitors (attorneys) Wade & Long, and the list goes on of vendors and contractors that do business with Gloucester Township.
Some ask, are they over billing us with built in "kickbacks" to those PACS? See for yourself and you decide.

The list of PACS involved with, and supporting Gloucester Township Democratic candidates and politicians are:

Gloucester Township Citizens for Responsible Government
Association for Former Gloucester Township Mayors
GT Chairman's Club
Gloucester Twp Parents for Education Excellence
Gloucester Twp Citizens for Government Reform (which coincidentally lists Cynthia Carlemere, wife of the township's Solicitor as the Chairperson.

When a Gloucester Township voters gets those accusatory mailers, look at the "Paid for by" at the bottom, and you will get to the root of their intentions.

It's no wonder fiscally responsible, Independent Democrats joined the Republican slate. They did not leave their party. With those types of tactics, their party left them.

Let the VOTERS decide. Why is Gloucester Township Public works removing campaign signs that are not "Team Mayer" signs?

Gloucester Township

Who authorized the Gloucester Township Public works to remove political campaign signs of those candidates that are not part of the Norcross/Mayer machine?
As Independent Candidates run for School Boards, and Independent Democrat residents teamed up with Republicans in Column 1, they are seeing their signs disappearing, but not those of the Norcross/Mayer establishment candidates?

With as tens of thousands of dollars donated to the Mayer team PACS from township vendors and Engineers, that same kind of money does not flow to their opposition.

Why would Gloucester Township Public Works remove those signs during election season? Why not let the Voters decide.
Let them see the names of their fellow residents that have never been Politicians, and allow them to decide. What does the Norcross/Mayer machine have to hide? Their record of high taxes? Their Spending? You decide.

GT News compliments the Courier Post on New Jersey property tax story

Gloucester Township

Gloucester Township News compliments South Jersey's Courier Post on the week long issue of property taxes. The story gets to the root of all that makes up property taxes in New Jersey.
Across New Jersey, the residents and taxpayers, have known for many years that property taxes would eventually run people out of the state, with those remaining, feeling the brunt of those hard hitting taxes. As more people leave New Jersey, however there are fewer left to make up that tax burden.

In Southern New Jersey, it hits just as hard. Counties, and municipalities, pile on their taxes and the problem is compounded. Camden County has felt this especially hard. With taxpayers across the entire county picking up the tab for the city of Camden, for things like Camden's Police being called "county", the cost is covered by most in county. Politicians call it grants, but after all, where does "Grant" money come from inevitably? Taxpayers.

In Gloucester Township, Camden County, they have created their own tax burden. The politicians in Gloucester Township continue a "tax and spend" attitude, that barrels down the tracks like a run a way train, accumulating a $108 Million debt, that will have to be paid for at some point. Now Mayor Mayer and his team are telling those youth sports groups that they are looking into putting "artificial turf" across many of the sports field in township. They are telling those same sports groups that it could amount to $10 million when all is said and done.

Try to imagine how that is going to turn out in Gloucester Township for the taxpayers.

The Courier Post goes on to tell NJ residents how they can fix this problem in the "Now it's your turn" segment in Sundays front page. Well, just think of who holds office in many parts of South Jersey. It's one party rule in the Assembly, Freeholders, and Local Municipal offices. In Gloucester Township, many of those local officials not only have control, but they have multiple jobs and multiples pensions. If you truly want to BEGIN to fix the problem. See the real problem. That is how it gets fixed.

It is time for some "checks and balances" Two parties watchdog one and other. Independent people watch them both. It's time to fix it alright.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting DIFFERENT result.

Gloucester Township RAID Part 1

Gloucester Township, Camden County

The number of Gloucester Township Independent Democrats is growing. Independent Democrats would also be known as those Democrats that are not "establishment" individuals.
They do not subscribe to the Norcross regime. They feel that they are free to use their independent voice and speak on behalf of the people and not particularly the party. No one tells them how they must vote on the issues, taxes, or spending. They want to hear the people of Gloucester Township, so when it comes time to cast their vote, the vote is truly the "voice of those they represent".

If you have ever been to, or seen, a Gloucester Township council meeting, you have seen a 7-0 vote on all matters that come before council. When the taxpaying residents speak at those meetings, they speak out against the wasteful spending of tax dollars on a 2nd "Armored tank, "Pay to Play", Televising Council meetings, borrowing even more money, and soon a tax abatement, for the very profitable, Premium Outlet Mall.

Independent Democrats, believe that saying "NO" is not a bad thing. It is ok to have another opinion on matters that effect the residents, their neighborhoods, and of course, the taxes that those residents will be forced to pay. Those are the voices of Independents.

Currently, there is no room for that on the Democratic ticket. So they found that they could team up with the Gloucester Township Republicans and work in a Bi Partisan effort to get things done, and tackle these issues in that same Bi Partisan way, Something this township has not seen since the Democrats voted to stop our May, Non Partisan elections in 2006.
These Independent Democrats can run on the Republican column, as Republicans, but still keep their "Independents". More to follow

With $108 Million in debt, does Gloucester Township really need to spend over $10 Million on "AstroTurf?

Gloucester Township

With Gloucester Township's mounting debt of over $108 Million, does Mayor Mayer and his all Democratic council need to borrow another $10.4 Million on Astro Turf?
Gloucester Township just saw an almost 9% rise in property taxes just after the Mayor was re-elected, due to a "banking" of the 2% cap they deferred the 4 years leading up to
Mayor Mayer's re-election, but does it seem like a common sense thing to do to township taxpayers.

We have already bonded everything, that we can't afford to pay for, why take the township and it's taxpayers even deeper.

If this was a common household, it would be like running up credit cards because our budget can't afford it. The main problem is that in our private households, we eventually have to pay the bills, and those mounting debts. Those of us with credit cards know, that every time we pay the minimum payments, the balance never seems to go down much.

Every resident of Gloucester Township knows that feeling. Why would our government do that with our tax dollars. Our children will be strapped with this debt as well.


What is Gloucester Township RAID ?

Gloucester Township, Camden County

In the weeks to come, we will cover the Gloucester Township RAID (Republicans and Independent Democrats) and what it should mean to Gloucester Township voters this November.
You don't see this in the Courier Post, Inquirer, or even the Gloucester Township Patch.

Buying votes? After all these years, Politics paves Erial little League parking lot.

Gloucester Township

After decades of dealing with dirt, mud, and gravel, Erial sees black top on their parking lot.
For decades Erial little league remained a Powerhouse in NJ Little League competition. Winning several District titles, and always maintaining their domination, and independence.
As soon as the local politicians got their meat hooks into Erial Little League brass. It all looks as smooth as the Blacktop in the parking lot, but as predicted, there is always a price.
Who do you think pays for that?

Erial was the very last of all Youth Sports organizations in Gloucester Township that did not allow the Youth's parents email to be utilized for political emails. Those email have been used in other sports groups to ask for votes, come to free "hand out" traveling Barbecues, and all for the low price of the parents personal emails.

In some cases, youth sports organizations are non profits and tax exempt. That practice may put that at risk. All for Politics. Is it worth it?

Is Mayor (Comcast) Mayer, the reason that FiOS won't run lines in Gloucester Township for competition? Does your cable bill look like a car payment?

Gloucester Township

While your Comcast bill continues to rise towards, and sometimes over $200/month, FIOS is still not an option in most of Gloucester Township.
If you don't already know, Gloucester Township's (full time) Mayor, Dave Mayer, is also a (full time) Lobbyist for Comcast.
Gloucester Township is about 6 years into a 25 year contract with Comcast as the provider of high speed internet and Cable/TV. The 15 year contract comes with 2 optional 5 year continuations, that helps keep competitors like FiOS out of the township. With Mayor Mayer and his position at Comcast, who would he then have to lobby? His buddies on Council.
Mayor Comcast doesn't seem to mind the arrangement, and also doesn't see your cable bill, as it surpasses $200/ month.

Recently, Verizon/ FiOS stated that they had no plans in the foreseeable future to run fiber optic lines, leaving Comcast without competition, and leaving Gloucester Township with cable bills like more like a car payment. It's no wonder that the Independent Democrats decided to run with the Republicans for Council. Should be fun to watch.

Time's up for Gloucester Township Councilman Orlando Mercado.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

In response to being compared to council President Glen Biancchini, Councilman Orlando Mercado decided that he would play hardball with the people of Gloucester Township.
Just before the first public portion of the August 24th council meeting, Vice President and Gloucester township school administrator Orlando Mercado, announced that the two public portions of the meeting would have a 15 minute time limit, 30 for the second. With the second portion on anything, and non agenda items, having a 5 minute time limit for each person, that would allow only 6 people to speak at all council meetings according to Mercado.

To add insult to injury, Councilman S. Daniel Hutchison injected on Mercado's behalf, stating that when the public speaks within their 5 minute time limit, that it would include council's response. The litmus test occurred this evening, when a resident asked a 1 minute question, and various council members chimed in for a 2 1/2 minute reply. The resident asked for the clock to stop, and Hutchison added that the public/council dialog should be included in the 5 minutes, thus limiting even more the public's ability to speak.

Mercado has in the past tried to show up Council President Biancchini, for his fairness to the public with flexibility on the clock. While Biancchini presides, everyone gets to speak during Gloucester Township council's public portion. This is not the first time that Mercado's arrogance has shined when "acting" as the Council President.

As a Gloucester Township School Administrator, that is some example to set for our school children.

GT Council meeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI1S8F_CsWQ&feature=youtu.be