How do you LOWER property taxes in places like Gloucester Township.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

In it's simplest form, property taxes provide revenue for many services in a municipality including schools, and general services.
Most people agree that we all want good schools, trash pick up, and Police protection, but are we over taxed for those services, and how do we keep them in check?

Townships use many formulas to figure property tax rates. In 2010, Gloucester Township had a town wide re assessment. Your property value mostly went up, some did go down.
The municipal tax formula is rated against that assessed value of your home.

So how do we lower those property tax? Well, it all comes in spending. Whenever a municipal government spends more than it takes in, the deficit needs to made up at some point.
In the case of Gloucester Township, it is not only the mass amount of spending, it is also the huge amount of debt that the township accrues. If you keep increasing the debt, everyone knows that eventually you have to pay your debts. If you add up the amount of debt within the township, including schools, and other entities, you will surely reach a debt of over
$100 Million.

So, the easy answer to lowering property tax. REDUCE SPENDING, and STOP BORROWING, that increases the DEBT

Gloucester Township electricity aggregation holding people on the phone for 30 mins or more to "opt out"

Gloucester Township

If you already got your letter indicating the Gloucester Township is going to switch your electricity supplier, without your consent, and you have no option, but
to opt out, then you should make plenty of time for that "opt out" process.
Those that are calling the TriEagle energy company to notify them of your opting out and becoming frustrated by the amount of time they are left on hold.

Atlantic City Electric and PSE&G are helpless to assist you, as the actual 3rd party supplier holds the key to the opt out gate.

This is what happens when government tries to run something. Gloucester Township should have left well enough alone, just for 1 penny of savings, if that.

Gloucester Twp Democrats silent on Presidential race. Trump sealed the deal with Republicans.

Gloucester Township

Gloucester Township Democrats have been silent on the 2016 Presidential race between Hilary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.
The race can give Clinton the delegates that she needs, or keep the race contended into California, 3 hours later into the night. The Gloucester Twp
Democrats were also silent in 2008, when Clinton and Obama were in a heated race, and again in 2012 the local party did not come out with their support,or endorsement for Obama.

The race also includes somewhat of an interesting race in the 1st Congressional district between establishment incumbent, Donald Norcross, and newcomer Progressive candidate.
Alex Law. A recent debate between the two was cancelled this past week, which now has people talking.

Interesting election season either way.

Did Gloucester Township Mayor and Council basically legalize utility "slamming" ?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

"Slamming" is described as changing a subscriber's service without their consent.
In August, you will receive a letter that will be initiated by Gloucester Township Council, and Mayor Dave Mayor, that will inform you that your electricity supplier will now be handled by a 3rd party entity. If you are currently with PS&G or Atlantic Electric, you will be switched.

What do you gain from this 1 CENT savings/kw/h. You will be switched without your consent. You will be required to "OPT OUT".

Some say that if the program was "that great", the people of Gloucester Township would want to opt in. It is by an act of Government intrusion, that the people would have to opt out of a Government program.

Approximate 12% tax increase. Why are taxes going up again in Gloucester Township ?

Gloucester Township, Camden County

The answer is easy. The answer is always easy.
It is SPENDING. Previous stories in GTNews has indicated that just about every year, Gloucester Township Business Administrator states that the budget must go up
as a result of "storms", and the budget is increased. The following year the budget is prepared for that same number of storms. The next year comes and the same number of storms hit, and they request more money for storms knowing that taxpayers won't remember the money allocated for the storms is already in the budget.

So what happens to that money? Well, according to Gloucester Township Administrator Tom Cardis, “Once the budget lapses, that money is gone,”. Just about every year, it's the same thing.

It's a political game called "tax and spend" and Gloucester Township is at the tops in their field.

What makes this even more difficult to residents is that people are leaving Gloucester Township, thus the tax burden is left to those still here. Who makes up for the loss in taxpayer populations? Those still here, and you are seeing it again this year. Does the Mayor and Council reduce spending? The budget every year does not indicate that.

It actually indicates more of the same. Tax and spend.

Gloucester Township budget and spending. $49.2 Million in 2011 to $58 Million in 2016.

Gloucester Township, Camden County April 2016

These figures are from the Gloucester Township website.

2011 $49.2 MILLION (sheet 42)
2012 $51.6 MILLION (sheet 42)
2013 $53.3 MILLION (sheet 42)
2014 $54.6 MILLION (sheet 42)
2015 $56.4 MILLION (sheet 42)
2016 $58 MILLION (sheet 42)

Gloucester Township out of pocket "co pay", is out of taxpayers pockets.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

How many other towns in South Jersey, or anywhere for that matter have you heard of Public workers, MUA, municipal employees, get a health care plan that is not only paid for my taxpayers, but the "out of pocket" co pays that we all have to pay, are reimbursed up to $750 per year by Gloucester Township taxpayers.

Any taxpayer or resident of Gloucester Township can request that information from the municipal clerk, or custodian of records at MUA and other entities.
It is called OPRA or open public records act.

Is it the ultimate golden ticket. Top rate insurance, and co pays reimbursed by taxpayers.

Issues that we will continue to follow for the residents of Gloucester Township

The second property tax increase in 3 years.

The "Field of Dreams" and how it can get done THIS YEAR.

Local streets and roads getting filled, but not any better.

Comcast Township, aka Gloucester Township, NJ

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

Just across the Delaware river from Philadelphia, Gloucester Township, gives Chicago a run for its more than questionable dealings.
As if it weren't bad enough that Mayor (Comcast) Mayer, and Council, have township residents locked into an exclusive agreement with Comcast for the next almost 19 years on cable TV,
the township showed another "sleeping arrangement" with Comcast once again.

Residents of Gloucester Township began getting letters in the mail, alerting them that their electric, AND gas suppliers would now be under "Energy Rewards" an Xfinity/Comcast company.
The letter from the Comcast owned company says, "We are excited that you chose Energy Rewards for your energy supply.
The letter they received from the GAS company, South Jersey Gas, states "Congratulations on choosing to participate in the NJ energy choice program".
Last but not least, PSE&G' letter states, "This letter confirms YOUR choice of a new electric third party supplier.

The problem being, that these residents chose NOTHING. They made no switches, no requests were ever made. Gloucester Township Mayor and Council made that choice for them.
The township is allowing Comcast to take over these utilities, making the residents have to "Opt out" not the way it is normally done as people making their OWN choice.

It might be interesting to know that Mayor, David Mayer is not only the FULL TIME Mayor of Gloucester Township, but he is a FULL TIME LOBBYIST for that same Comcast corporation,
or as Comcast would term it, NJ Director of "Legislative Affairs". Some might ask the "conflict of interest" or collusion questions.
The energy supplier deal price is for a limited time, and Comcast customers, know where that is headed, just check your cable bill.

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Why are "Red light Cameras" still up in Gloucester Township?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

After an early departure, the "red light cameras" discontinued in New Jersey early in 2015, yet they still remain in Gloucester Township.
New Jersey into a 5 year pilot program, in which the cameras would be used, and examined, for their usefulness for "safety" throughout the state.
The legislators along with Governor Christie decided that it was time for the cameras to go. Most people in the state felt that they were a "money grab"
for towns and municipalities, and also felt that they caused "rear end" accidents then they prevented.

Now that the cameras were no longer needed in Gloucester Township, we ask why are those cameras still here. Those same cameras in other states have also been utilized for checking speed, and citing drivers for speeding with no police officer discretion on site. Is Gloucester Township lining up for that use, and who is paying for those cameras to sit on local poles?

Those cameras could certainly be making money for other towns across the country, so why would they still be sitting on poles in Gloucester Township?