Finally, a representative of the people of Gloucester Township. It's just a start

Gloucester Township, Camden County

On Tuesday November 8th, the residents of Gloucester Township not only went to the polls to vote for President of the United States, but also came out for their local school board candidates. In an unprecedented local election, there were 13 candidates vying for 3 GT school board positions.
Included in that field was 2 incumbents, that have served their town, but were allowing the system to take GT down a very costly path. The result of that election has led to candidates that were not previously part of the system.

Jennifer O'Donnell had already been attending the school board meetings for the past several years, questioning the board about not only decisions that the board was making, but how much it had already been costing the taxpayers of the township. She has been an Independent voice, but with the backing of others at those same meetings.

Gloucester Township has also seen the birth, and uprising of a "tax revolt" organization, due to the huge tax increases over the past 6 years, that has come about from the "business as usual" practice of the establishment, that has been in complete control for those same 6 years. So it seems only fitting that someone should begin to rise from that community based organization. The people of that group surely came out to show their support as the results have clearly indicated.

Along with O'Donnell, the people of Gloucester Township elected 2 other newcomers to the board. Tracey Lynch, and Joseph Angeloni will be joining the GT school board when they reorganize in January. The two are not known participants of the tax revolt organization, or previous office holders, so it seems that they will also be able to bring fresh new ideas to the board. It is the hope of many that the 3 new school board members will not only improve the system, but will openly answer many of the unanswered questions that have been presented in the past that have remained, unanswered. It is believed that the "establishment" and the "system" was the issue, certainly not personal

The 2 incumbents, that were not re-elected to the board are Linda Gilch, and Ellen Reese. The people of Gloucester Township thank them for their years of service to the board, the residents and the children that they served.

GT News endorses Pildis for BHP school Board. Also Fretz and O'Donnell for GT school board

Gloucester Township, Camden County

Gloucester Township News is supporting the selection of Charles Pildis for the Black Horse Pike Regional school board.
Gloucester Township News also supports the selection of Terri Fretz and Jennifer O'Donnell for the Gloucester Township school board.

These school board candidates not only responded to public community group's request for a forum, but showed up to answer the group's questions, promising to actually answer the "public's questions at school board meetings which is not the case with the current school board. Most often, questions are responded to by the board's attorney, but not often addressed or answered. These candidates vow to end that practice that often frustrates residents that attend those very meetings.
These new faces should bring fresh new ideas to the school board and remove some of the local politics that has plagued districts in many South Jersey towns.

They also stated that they are in no way a part of the Gloucester Township local political "machine".

Gloucester Township wants to tax you out of your home, then enter the "house flipping" business. WHY ?

Gloucester Township, Camden County ,NJ

So with huge property tax increases, including a whopping 26% in 2010, 9%(2014), and a recent 12% in 2016, some residents of Gloucester Township are being taxed out of their homes.
When residents pay their property taxes in their mortgage, this recent tax hike has caused some residents to fall behind on not only their property tax bill, but also on their mortgage, and escrow.
Some of these residents are either going into foreclosure, or are just being pushed into just leaving their homes and walking away. All areas of Gloucester Township are seeing more vacant homes, and a shrinking tax base.
So why would a local government agency even consider going into the "house flipping" business? It is almost as if they get to be the supply and demand end of the deal.
So if township officials are explaining this issue correctly, does that not cause a conflict of interest? As this issue moves forward GTN will bring folks up to speed and informed.
But the early questions still remain. WHY?

Is the "Courier Post" snubbing the Gloucester Township Tax Revolt?

Gloucester Township, Camden County

As the various news media is picking up the GT Tax Revolt, the so-called "South Jersey" newspaper is nowhere to be found.

The "Revolt" picked up it's initial steam from a column in the Philly Inquirer's Kevin Riordan, and he also followed the masses to the GT Revolt meeting, tweeting, and blogging as he did at the Aug 22nd council meeting.
The overwhelming attention to the "revolt" was picked up by, including an editorial. This morning New Jersey's radio station NJ101.5 posted a story on their website, which included comments from a GT United leader.

Radio talk show host Dom Giordano has been following the plight of Gloucester Township's residents through not only this tax revolt, but even as far back as when Mayor Mayer was closing down Halloween a few years ago. He continues to receive phone calls from GT residents on the 1210 AM station here in the listening area.

One resident says that " if you have to call the media to cover a story this big, well then they are not much of a newspaper". It is very curious as to why the Courier Post has neglected to cover this very unique event here in S.Jersey. Residents say that the "Revolution" will continue to grow with, or without the S. Jersey newspaper.

When will Gloucester Township Mayor and Council stop picking the pocket of taxpayers AGAIN??

Gloucester Township, Camden Co.

Did Mayor Mayer and Gloucester Township council not hear the residents at their last meeting, or are they choosing to ignore them?

After Council approved a bond to borrow $3 Million dollars to install artificial turf on some of the township's sports fields, they, for the second time are going back to the taxpayers of Gloucester Township. The resolution # R-16:08-236 (dated Aug 8, 2016) is voting to approve another $5,076.05 from the already heavily taxed township residents.

No matter what they call their source of revenue, "Grants", "Bonds", "open space", it still comes from the pockets of taxpayers. All in a non election year. Will the people of Gloucester Township remember this next year??? When the Mayor and 3 Council members are up for re election??

The Gloucester Township tax revolution gains steam as the only major credible newspaper in the area puts it out there.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

After a very fierce and energetic council meeting Monday night in Gloucester Township, the fervor has not settled down. In fact it has been ramping up as the residents and taxpayers of the town are lighting up the social media world.
The Philadelphia Inquirer broke the story about the angry residents in attendance when during the "public portion" those taxpayers let council members really have it.
One after another residents stepped up to the mic and told their story of the hardships that they are enduring, due to the huge debt and spending that helped fuel this rather "hefty" property tax increase.

Gloucester Township News will continue to keep residents informed as the information, and facts become available.

After huge property tax increase, Gloucester Township residents address council members.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

Gloucester Township residents packed the council room, as they express their anger over a huge tax increase, having local residents paying between $400 and $1400 more every year for property taxes. Some told some very sad and heart wrenching stories of trying to survive already on existing taxes, other expressed great anger, telling council members
"enough is enough". Council members were obviously prepared for the residents, but it did very little to give residents justifiable reasons to raise their taxes so high, after just having done so 2 years prior.
Council videos are available at: Part 1
Part 2

How does borrowing and debt effect your property taxes?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

When a New Jersey municipality wants to raise your property taxes, the state holds them to a 2% tax increase CAP. The municipality must stay within that 2% if they want to raise property tax on it's residents EXCEPT.......Debt service. The tax increase can go well over 2% if the municipality has debt. Again, the debt service is not included in the state 2% CAP.

Theoretically, the more debt your town has, the more they can increase taxes above the CAP. Other reasons are described in a story by the Asbury Park Press, called
"Why the 2% CAP is not always 2%.

How do you LOWER property taxes in places like Gloucester Township.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

In it's simplest form, property taxes provide revenue for many services in a municipality including schools, and general services.
Most people agree that we all want good schools, trash pick up, and Police protection, but are we over taxed for those services, and how do we keep them in check?

Townships use many formulas to figure property tax rates. In 2010, Gloucester Township had a town wide re assessment. Your property value mostly went up, some did go down.
The municipal tax formula is rated against that assessed value of your home.

So how do we lower those property tax? Well, it all comes in spending. Whenever a municipal government spends more than it takes in, the deficit needs to made up at some point.
In the case of Gloucester Township, it is not only the mass amount of spending, it is also the huge amount of debt that the township accrues. If you keep increasing the debt, everyone knows that eventually you have to pay your debts. If you add up the amount of debt within the township, including schools, and other entities, you will surely reach a debt of over
$100 Million.

So, the easy answer to lowering property tax. REDUCE SPENDING, and STOP BORROWING, that increases the DEBT

Approximate 12% tax increase. Why are taxes going up again in Gloucester Township ?

Gloucester Township, Camden County

The answer is easy. The answer is always easy.
It is SPENDING. Previous stories in GTNews has indicated that just about every year, Gloucester Township Business Administrator states that the budget must go up
as a result of "storms", and the budget is increased. The following year the budget is prepared for that same number of storms. The next year comes and the same number of storms hit, and they request more money for storms knowing that taxpayers won't remember the money allocated for the storms is already in the budget.

So what happens to that money? Well, according to Gloucester Township Administrator Tom Cardis, “Once the budget lapses, that money is gone,”. Just about every year, it's the same thing.

It's a political game called "tax and spend" and Gloucester Township is at the tops in their field.

What makes this even more difficult to residents is that people are leaving Gloucester Township, thus the tax burden is left to those still here. Who makes up for the loss in taxpayer populations? Those still here, and you are seeing it again this year. Does the Mayor and Council reduce spending? The budget every year does not indicate that.

It actually indicates more of the same. Tax and spend.