How many homes are vacant in your Gloucester Township neighborhood? Taxes just to high for some to stay?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

If you take a ride within your own development, will you see a growing number of vacant homes?
Even long time residents of Gloucester Township are finding it too expensive to stay in the home that they paid off, but can't keep up with property taxes.
Many homes seem to be on the market for a very long time, others are littered with stickers that indicate that the house in in foreclosure. In many cases, the property in not maintained, the grass is growing, store flyers are piling up, and some are getting windows broken and boarded up.

As home values decrease greatly, the tax assessment is not equal to the "true" and "real" value. The township has an "assessed" value, and even though other comparable homes in the development are selling for much less, the taxes are not reflecting the same.

The more homes that become vacant, the more those staying pay in taxes to make up the shortfall of those whom have left.

If you purchase a home for $210,000, but the home was last assessed at $330,000 , your property tax is on the assessed value, not that sale price.
Will your children be able to afford Gloucester Township, and stay close to their parents and family? Do the math. See for yourself.

Gloucester Township was at one time a great place to raise a family. Spending sprees by local politicians in the past 5 years has changed that.

Politicians infiltrate Erial Little League. Parents personal emails to be used as they have with all of other township youth sports.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

After several years of refusal to get involved with local politics, Gloucester Township politicians have infiltrated Erial Little League.
As is the case with most youth sports leagues, internal politics is not so uncommon, but politicians bring real politics to youth sports by using the parents private email addresses to ruin the game that children sign up for.
Gloucester Township has had a history of using the local youth sports organization's officers (Pres or VP) to gain access to parents private emails. In the past parents have attended council meetings to voice their concerns. It did not stop the party politics from making their way into the private email of parents who gave their email addresses for club use only, including schedules, and up to date cancellations or club activities and announcements.

Two years ago, the president of a GT sports club, refused to allow the local politicians to utilize the parents private email. Interestingly enough the club was rerouted under a new President more tightly connected with the "political powers that be". The only club that had not participated in this practice was Erial Little league. Erial coincidentally is the most successful organization in Gloucester Township.

Concerned parents should be made aware of what they are getting themselves into, when one of their officers gets into local politics in Gloucester Township.

Parents have a right NOT to have their personal email and information shared with people outside of the club, especially "Politicians"

In Gloucester Township, your private email is fair game as it has been in other youth sports organizations in this town. Like it or not. FACT just ask other youth sports parents in town.

In Gloucester Township, "ZERO" increase factually means 8.8% higher.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

As Gloucester Township Council and Mayor Mayer introduce what they call a "zero increase" tax levy in the current budget, they should inform taxpayers that their definition of "zero" is in fact 8.8% higher due to last year's tax increase.

In the first year of the Mayer administration (2010), they had already started with a 23.5 cent increase in the tax levy. Mayer's first budget was that 23.5 cents increase. The first order of business was adjusting the township to a calendar year budget process. In doing so, Gloucester Township received $5 Million from the state in transition to the calender year budget from fiscal year. The $5 million was to be applied to that 6 MONTH transition. Mayer and council also received an additional $5 million for the next budget.

After the introductory massive tax increase, Mayer and council introduced a series of "zero increases" passing on the allowable 2% CAP. After the re-election of Mayer and council they retroactively taxed the residents all of those 2% CAPS by virtue of "banking " those increases until after the election. Taxpayers of Gloucester Township should expect no less than a series of 4 zero increases with another 8.8% increase coming soon, but each of these "new" zeros are now 8.8% higher. The more they spend. The more they tax.

With a total township debt of over $100 MILLION dollars, including schools, the taxing and spending has to end. Call "zero" what it is.

Why does it cost $300,000 for 2 Police officers to patrol our schools in Gloucester Township?

Gloucester Township, Camden County:

There is no question that you can't put a price on the security of our children while they are in school, but is there justification for the $300,000 price tag in Gloucester Township?
Parents, Residents, and Parents should attend Gloucester Township Council meetings, and school board meetings, to learn more.

Is second time a charm to bring Camden Countywide Police force to Gloucester Township?

Gloucester Township, Camden County. Saturday March 21, 2015

Now after receiving a substantial pay raise at the expense of ALL Camden County residents, will the countywide Police come to Gloucester Township?
The possibilities are not just endless, but can indeed be probable. Some believed this to be the game plan all along. When the concept was introduced, Camden County Freeholders needed to find a way to bulk up the city's Police force, while expanding the resources to pay for it. By naming the department "Camden County Police" it would come at the expense of all county taxpayers. The state would assist early on, but inevitably, the burden would fall on all county residents. So what better way to move the countywide Police throughout the county then piece by piece.

Camden County Spokesman Dan Keashen as much as stated the intentions of just that, after boosting the Chief's salary from $163,000 to $230,000.
Keashen went on to say "We think Scott is one of the nation's top law enforcement officials, and we wanted to keep his services, he said the county also wants to tap Thomson's management skills for potential expansion of the county force to other municipalities".


It's only a matter of when. Camden County has seen this before. In 2013 this attempt was made when 7 county municipalities explored merging which would have helped the county "swoop" them all up as one rather than try to grab the 7 individually. Those towns were, Audubon, Collingswood, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Haddon Township, Mount Ephraim, and Oaklyn - have some of the county's smaller forces, ranging from 12 to 28 full-time officers, each led by a chief.


Insiders and Bi Partisan watchdog groups say "watch as the chess pieces move around the board. State Assembly Representatives, Freeholders, and local officials.
Watch for those pieces to move, and bonds to be formed. That's when you'll see things materialize".

In Camden County, there is no such thing as a coincidence. EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

Thank God it's Friday in Gloucester Township. Second jobs and OT for most.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

It's no wonder that Mayor Mayer, Public Works, and Municipal workers lover their Fridays.
As you have seen the good work done by public works in Gloucester Township during the last few months snow, keep in mind that on Fridays it is time and a half OT.
It is still a 4 day work week for Gloucester Township. The Mayor is able to keep his full time lobby position at COMCAST, Township Administrator can take care of his other towns.
Even Mayor Mayer's Administrative assistant Gabby Mosquera, can perform her duties as a state Assemblywoman.

This all began some years ago, before Gloucester Township had acres of Solar Panels. The 4 day work week was intended to help save the township on electric costs, but now with the Administration boasting all of the new green energy, the 5 day work week should have been re implemented. Most residents and taxpayers of Gloucester Township don't have the luxury of a 3 day weekend, let alone a Friday job, or even better, time and a half OT just for working Fridays.

So, it's no wonder that in Gloucester Township, they are still singing that song. Thank God it's Friday

Is Gloucester Township Mayor and Council running up "credit cards" with massive debt?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, New Jersey

As the Democratic Gloucester Township Mayor, Dave Mayer, and council celebrate another budget with a "0" tax increase, the township debt continues to rise.
Most township residents surely remember the 2014 property tax increase of 8.8%, when they got their tax bill last year. That was following 4 continuous years of the famous "0" tax increase. Unfortunately that is only half of the story. Mayor Mayer and the all Democratic council have over the past few years been bonding most things that other towns "pay"for.
The township has been bonding the purchase of police vehicles for anywhere from 15-20 years, and those vehicles are in police use for an average of 5-6 years.
The GEMS cash call is another example of just spending the taxpayers money with little or no accountability. A million here, a million there to Mayor and Council it's like echoing Hillary Clinton, "what difference does it make now", well Mr. Mayor and Council. It matters.

Gloucester Township is now 100 MILLION dollars in debt. That is what most normal people would call a VERY high credit card balance. The more you borrow, the more lenders want you to borrow, and GT is only too willing to accommodate. The bond rating also may be upgraded, but is that a good thing? After all, it's the taxpayer's pockets that is receiving those ratings.
Government has NO MONEY. They have the TAXPAYER'S money. The more Gloucester Township borrows. the more WE pay.

So let them praise themselves all they want. When those bills all come due, who do you think will be left paying those bills? Good Luck Gloucester Township residents.

Deja Vu: Mayor Mayer and Gloucester Township Council's "fuzzy math" won't fool residents and taxpayers again.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

Mayor Mayer's administration handed council the latest budget that "appears" to have the familiar "0" increase in the tax levy.
In fact, Gloucester Township introduced a "0" increase the first year of Mayor Mayer's term. That was followed up by 3 consecutive years of that same "0" increase, when they were
able to increase by the 2% cap. So in that election year, the administration proudly proclaimed those previous ZEROS.
What Mayor Mayer and the "Mayer Team" did not tell taxpayers, is that those lack of tax increases were being "banked" until after the election. So after Mayer was re-elected along with his council running mates, they retroactively recouped those "0" increases, under the 2% cap and "slammed" the Gloucester Township taxpayers with a 8.8% tax increase. It would have been much more if it were not for the lucrative "red light cameras".

So this year, the Mayer Team is on the same track, and has this election year, introduced another cycle of "0" tax increases. Gloucester Township taxpayers can surely look forward to similar antics. The residents and taxpayers of Gloucester Township are smarter than that. "Fool us once" well, you know the rest.

Every year that the Mayor Mayer Team plays this imitation "0" increase, one of their Democrat disciples comes to the Council meeting and throws flowers and praise to council and Mayer.
This year it was whom appears to be Council "hopeful" Scott Owens. If he buys into that "fuzzy math" we wonder how he will mind the "people's money"?

10 minute video: You decide


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Gloucester Township Council reorganization meeting Saturday January 3rd, 10:00 am

Gloucester Township council meetings are held at the township municipal bldg is located at 1261 Chews landing Rd. Laurel Springs,NJ 08021

Agenda for the January 3rd council reorganization meeting may be viewed at: