Comcast/FioS/Mayor petition. Knowledge before signing

Gloucester Township, Camden County

An on line petition has just started, and it is to bring TV, and high speed internet competition to Gloucester Township. The petition implies that the Mayor signed a contract with Comcast that does not allow other companies to come into the township. That may not necessarily, be true. Although Mayor and Council signed a 15 year agreement with Comcast,
(including two 5-year options) Verizon/FioS still has an opportunity to come into GT. The issue is however, that the agreement, does not set up a very friendly business atmosphere for FioS to make good financial sense.

Mayor David Mayer could reach out to Verizon/FioS on behalf of the residents whom wish to have a competitive choice, as their Comcast bills are skyrocketing, but that then would create a problem for the Mayor, as he is also listed as the NJ State Director of Legislative affairs (aka Lobbyist). That does not prohibit FioS from coming into Gloucester Township, it only creates a conflict of interest, in his position for the Cable giant.

The petition would not be accurate in it's request of the Mayor, as it is not he keeping FioS out.

Requesting that the Mayor invite FioS into town would be more in the community interest than a flawed petition.

The petition may be viewed below. Just know these things before considering that option of signing it.

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Will the "machine" place primary challengers in an obscure location on the Camden County ballots?

Will what appears to be challenges in the Gloucester Township, and now Cherry Hill local races for Mayor and Council seats, the candidates are wondering where will the Camden County Clerks place them on the ballot.
It is a complicated process, with at least 7 Gubernatorial candidates at the top of the ballot, along with as many as 5 Freeholder candidates, but where will that leave local candidates on the ballot with the main County incumbents, occupying the 1st Democratic column?

Alex Law encountered this very same thing in the last primary race for the 1st Congressional district. and may have been somewhat far out of sight in the ballot, that questions still remain as to the ballot location process leaves more questions, then answers. It seem to make it difficult for new people to enter the process, and get notices on the ballot.

Double digit property tax increase again in 2018 very possible, after election year borrowing

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

On the heels of a 12%, 2016 property tax increase, Gloucester Township is poised to be back in a double digit tax increase again for 2018. The township has bonded more in the past few years in an effort to head off tax increases, but those bills also come due. The down side to all of the borrowing, is that "debt service" allows the township to raise property taxes above the state's 2% cap.

Gloucester Township has had some sizable tax increases in the past, including, 26% in 2010, 9% in 2014, and again an additional 12% in 2016. Those property tax increase have been called timely by pundits, as they have occurred months after the local elections, and the incumbents were re-elected.

In 2017, this is once again a local election year, with the Mayor, and council already have approved a $6.6 Million bond to borrow more money to again avoid another tax increase. It is expected that those officials will try to introduce another "zero" increase in the budget, which is now approximately 42% higher than when they came into office in 2010.

History indicates that the township will indeed increase the budget in 2018, and along with "banking" the 2016, 2% cap allowed, they will add that to the increase that could take the property tax increase well into the double digits for next year.(They have banked the cap frequently on the past) The township appears to be losing residents over these taxes, and more vacant homes are become very obviously visible.

The township budgets are available on the township website, but most residents do not find them user friendly, other say it's impossible to follow.


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How hard has the Gloucester Township property tax increases hit your Holiday wallet?

Gloucester Township, Camden County

As Gloucester Township residents rested their taxpayer revolt hats, another taxing reality has taken shape. What the huge bite out of your wallet, did to the money you were hoping to have for the December Holiday gifts that you wanted to buy family members and loved ones. Some folks are going the route of "bargain hunting", others are cutting back. However there are those who would like to crawl up into a ball, until the Holidays are over, because they just don't have the means to buy gifts for those they have in the past. The property tax increases have taken their toll on not only folks who pay their taxes quarterly, but those who pay it in their mortgage. The new monthly mortgage has jumped up enough that less or no money could be saved for the holidays.

Those seniors that get a property tax freeze, will still be required to pay the higher property tax, then wait for the State to reimburse them months later. Some are losing their homes for the higher property taxes which has increased to higher than their mortgage ever was. Gloucester Township Politicians should have thought this through hard before hurting the people of the town the way that they did. Residents are people. It hurts the people of Gloucester Township

Recovery Centers of America making another bid to Build in Gloucester Township

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

Representatives of Recovery Centers of America are to appear Dec. 14 before the Gloucester Township board, which denied approval to the company's project in March. This has not passed the previous two times, before that very same board, as the residents of Gloucester Township packed the room, most in opposition of the addiction recovery center.

Most felt that the location was the biggest issue, with the centers, and residential project being located on Peter Cheeseman Road, directly across the street from Camden County College, and other schools near by.

Residents listened for hours as the testimonies of those representing the center spoke. Some very good points were made on behalf of the need for the center. The residential recovery process would have included many home/apartment structures for the "sober living" development portion of the recovery, that could last for months.

Many involved in discussions following the meeting, asked why this project would not be better suited in the "Lakeland" section of the township, as it already has other facilities that are a more comfortable fit for the project.

The RCA representatives made a great presentation, and surely exemplified the horrors that families are living and dealing with this heart breaking addiction. Many stating that they knew someone afflicted with this addiction. The board allowed all RCA representatives to speak in length, and listened attentively, at times asking very important questions, both in understanding the "illness", it's repercussions, and the impact that it might have on the area. Both sides were for the most part respectful of one and other for the duration.

It all may just come back to the most important question for Gloucester Township residents. Location, Location, Location.


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