Could Gloucester Township residents see an 18% or more, increase in property tax this year?

Gloucester Township, NJ (Camden County) March 29, 2014

Just imagine that your township Mayor and council ask for an 8% increase in taxes. Now add on one school district asking for a 5.5% increase compounded by the other school district wanting another 2%. When all is said and done, the county Freeholders may be asking for their added 2% slice of the pie.

To some, that is why a one party rule, tends to pile on after they are elected. They promise one thing, then after election time they deal you a crushing blow.
When all is said and done, residents of Gloucester Township may very well be looking at an almost 20% property tax increase.

How many will stay? How many will see another tax increase when they leave, with an even smaller tax base?

Next year when red light cameras dollars are gone, how will Gloucester Township make up that loss? Buckle your seat belts Gloucester Township.

Gunman robs man in Gloucester Township parking lot

GT Crime stoppers Youtube video:

Gloucester Township incumbent elected officials, exploitation?, or just dirty politics?

Gloucester Township's Mayor Dave Mayer and "the Mayer team" play dirty politics, or did they exploit our kids through the local youth sports organization?
Team Mayer had emails sent to the parents of most of the local youth sports groups that invited them to a "free" picnic at the Gloucester Township Democrat club. Some parents were upset, claiming that if their child had not signed up for Gloucester Township youth sports, that the local Democrat party, particularly, Mayor Mayer, and his council slate would not have had access to them via email. Local youth football, hockey,baseball,lacrosse, and soccer clubs were included, just to name a few. Erial baseball parents stated that they did not relieve those emails.

Most of the youth sports organizations are headed by people connected with the local democratic party organization. As one Erial parent put it. " I guess we're not connect, thank God".

This is the second known time that this has happened to youth sports club parents. Ironically the last local election is when it was noted by unhappy youth parents.

Mayor Mayer's first budget was actually a 23.5 cent increase after his council team passed it.

Gloucester Township Mayor, Dave Mayer, has touted the past 4 years with a zero tax levy, when the fact is that most of the current council passed a 23. 5 cent increase on March 8, 2010, only later to be signed by Mayor Mayer.

It was shortly there after that Mayer utilized an additional $10 MILLION of state tax dollars for the next 18 months to transition to a calendar year budget.

With the ongoing revenues generated by "red light camera" fines, the township still seems to be spending enough, including finding and spending "surplus" or found "unused" funds from years back. What will the taxpaying residents of Gloucester Township be faced with, when the "red light cameras" are gone, along with that revenue?

In Gloucester Township, who is lying, and who is telling the truth?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

On July 26, 2013, Gloucester Township Patch, a local news "hyperlink" introduced a story on their front page titled "Tax Abatement Considered for Gloucester Premium Outlets".
The story went on to quote Gloucester Township Mayor, Dave Mayer, as saying "Gloucester Township is considering offering the developers of Gloucester Premium Outlet a payment in lieu of taxes, or PILOT, agreement".(PILOT: Payment in Lieu of taxes) This was discussed as a 25 year "offer" by Mayer according to Patch.
Local school taxes did not appear to be in that offer.
Residents approached Gloucester Township Council about the proposed offer for the PILOT, or tax abatement. Council Vice President, and acting President Orlando Mercado firmly responded to the resident, that council was not interested in providing a PILOT, or abatement. Mercado responded to the Patch's story relating to Mayor Mayer's offer was for the resident to "ask Patch".
In the meantime, Gloucester Township Patch has not responded as to the validity of Mayor Mayer's comments, and the Mayor was not present at the past 2 council meetings.

Who is telling the truth in Gloucester Township, and who is not.

clip of council meeting (YouTube)

Link to Gloucester Township Patch story:

Mayor Mayer says " he received few complaints" about outlet mall. Really? ....... ........ Pants on fire

Philadelphia Inquirer Aug 23, 2013

" Mayer said he had received few complaints about the development; two concerned preserving the green space where the stores would go. Though open space is important, he said, "this is an area that is designed to be developed and needs to be." The town has long had underperforming shopping centers along Blackwood-Clementon Road and the Black Horse Pike.


Gloucester Township Mayor, Mayer spending taxpayer's money on TV ads?

Gloucester Township, Camden County

Gloucester Township Mayor, Dave Mayer is sending out TV spots for the "pink lid" recycle bins that have been out in the township for over a year, congratulating the township residents of their use. In this local election year in which the Mayor's seat is up, these commercials are running on Gloucester Township local Comcast cable stations.
The ads state at the bottom of the screen that they are paid for by NJ tonnage grant funds, but where do taxpayers think that grants come from?

Grants come from various government entities, but most surely know that government funds come from taxpayers. Grant money is still taxpayer money.
The legality of it is not the question, but the ethics and judgement are. With the tens of thousands of dollars that come into the local Gloucester Township Democratic party and their PAC organizations, is this really the right thing to do to the local tax paying residents of Gloucester Township?

Is "Countywide Police" creeping closer to Gloucester Township?

Sunday July 21, 2013

South Jersey's Courier Post reports today that 7 Camden County municipalities will be "exploring" police consolidation.
"Audubon, Collingswood, Haddonfield, Haddon Heights, Haddon Township, Mount Ephraim and Oaklyn — collectively known as the Colonial Alliance — will investigate potential savings in paying a smaller administrative force to manage police operations".

Those familiar with Camden County politics, can sense what is known as "end around". This would involve 1/3 of the county's police departments. The missing element of countywide forging forward is major municipalities. That may not be as missing as some think. Cherry Hill and Winslow Township are thought to be considering entering into a "metro" type division of the countywide system.

Gloucester Township Mayor and Council have shown nothing more than "feelings" toward protecting the local Gloucester Township Police department and officers.

The question still remains, will the county tax payers fund the city of Camden's Police even more in the very near future.

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