Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation with "sober living" residency coming to Gloucester Township next to Camden County College?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ January 16,2015

A proposal to build a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with a "sober living" rental development was brought before the Gloucester Township Zoning Board this week.
The basic concept is to have a facility that helps those with substance and alcohol issues and also provide a place for them to reside at the same complex for a "sober living" community.
The location however, may be one that raises a few eyebrows. The 14 acre, planned location is located directly across the street from Camden County College on Peter Cheeseman Rd, sight of the former CYO complex.
Many were in attendance at the Zoning Board meeting, and some raised concerns over that location. In discussions within the council room, it was also the opinion of others that the Lakeland section of Gloucester Township would be a more suitable location for such a planned project.

The Zoning Board meeting was cut off shortly after 11 pm on Wednesday night, before the public had an opportunity to weigh in on the proposal. The meeting is slated to continue on Wednesday February 11th, where the public portion is "expected". The Zoning Board meetings are held in the Municipal council room on Chews Landing Rd, at 7:30pm.

Some amateur video from the first portion of that Zoning Board meeting is available at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb2_BhM_Hvc Part 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYz6PiI41jY Part 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAMr-P0MYTA Part 3

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAMr-P0MYTA Part 4

Gloucester Township Council reorganization meeting Saturday January 3rd, 10:00 am

Gloucester Township council meetings are held at the township municipal bldg is located at 1261 Chews landing Rd. Laurel Springs,NJ 08021

Agenda for the January 3rd council reorganization meeting may be viewed at:


HAPPY Holidays return to Blackwood Clementon Rd and Gloucester Township as "red light cameras" are turned off.

Gloucester Township, Camden County Dec 16, 2014

Local businesses along Gloucester Township's Blackwood Clementon Rd can celebrate holiday cheer as the state's NJDOP has ordered red light cameras to go dark at 12:01 am tomorrow morning.
Many local residents have detoured around the once busy shopping area, until they or someone they know got the "dreaded" red light camera violation in the mail. Most people either have a story to tell about it or know someone who has.

Gloucester Township Republicans have been battling the all Democrat Council and Mayor over the cameras,but it appeared to be "too big of a money maker" for the township.
Now the the cameras were ordered to "go dark", Gloucester Township Republicans celebrate the "reopening" of businesses along Blackwood Clementon road.

It is time for local residents to see what they were missing, without fear of receiving a not so jolly notice in the mail.

Let us just hope that it's for good. HAPPY HOLIDAYS GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP

Gloucester Township Police are taking a pro active approach to "Black Friday"

Gloucester Township

Gloucester Township Police show high viability and a bird's eye view for local shopping during the black Friday shopping season.

See local CBS video of news story at:


Gloucester Township votes unanimously to throw taxpayer dollars down the "rat hole".

Gloucester Township, Camden county

In a typical 7-0 vote Gloucester Township council voted to waste taxpayers dollars on a "red light camera" evaluation in the same month that the program is set to expire.
The red light camera program is reaching the 5 year pilot expiration period and the state legislature doesn't appear be interested in renewing the controversial program.
Remington and Vernick, the engineering firm for Gloucester Township, along with many other municipalities, is now scheduled to evaluate the 10 red light cameras along Blackwood Clementon roads at a cost of $1223.00 to township taxpayers again. When asked to "table" the proposal, council ignored the request and rammed the proposal through.
In a 7-0 vote council members Glen Biancchini, Orlando Mercado, Sam Siler, Frank Schmidt,Dan Hutchison, Tracy Trotto, Michelle Winters unanimously voted to spend the unnecessary funds to Remington and Vernick.

Remington and Vernick coincidentally has contributed almost $250,000 dollars to the Democratic political party PACs of the campaigns of those who voted. Through the past few years the engineering firm has made one time political contributions to the Gloucester Township Democratic PACs of $10,400 , $7,200 , $5,100 and on. Contributions totaling $213,000 over the past 6 years.

It's no wonder that Gloucester Township Council refused to pass common sense "Pay to play" legislation. It seems to be alive and well.

Will the end of Gloucester Township red light cameras bring higher taxes?

Gloucester Township, Camden County

Gloucester Township council has been asked regularly the past 4 months, "have you planned for the loss of revenue when the red light cameras are gone"?
Council members look around at each other and shrug their shoulders as they do so often, but no response or council President Biancchini says that "they will deal with it when the time comes".
As New Jersey's 5 year "pilot" program comes to an end in December, Gloucester Township's 10 red light cameras are scheduled to "go dark" in May 2015. The township began collecting
about $1.8 Million in the first few years of violations while paying American Traffic Solutions (ATS) $47,500 per month. That has risen to $49,300 for ATS services.

Taxpayers of Gloucester Township should pay very close attention to state's position on these cameras, as the revenues from those lights will dry up and Mayor Mayer and council will have to look to taxpayers to make up for that lost revenue. Last year Mayer and council levied 9% on residents and they seem to have no problem going back to the same well to fill their buckets.

Philadelphia Inquirer news link to the New Jersey "red light camera story:

Why is Gloucester Township Mayor Mayer and Democratic PACs supporting and spending TENS of thousands of dollars on school board races?

Gloucester Township, Camden County

Gloucester Township Mayor, Dave Mayer has broken a long standing precedent of leaving "party politics" out of school board races. At least publicly and openly. This year should have most Gloucester Township residents scratching their heads. Why would the Mayor openly endorse school board candidates and why would the "behind the scenes" Democratic political action committees (PAC) throw tens of thousands of dollars into non partisan school board races?

If you look at the source of revenue for schools, it mainly comes from property taxes. With insider democrats in complete control of spending those tax dollars, why would they want anyone who is not part of the "political machine" to have the ability to see the truth.

Spending those unprecedented amounts of money on school board races tells voters all that they need to know. Gloucester Township Democratic affiliated school board members are so threatened by outsiders being elected that they resorted to unspeakable, campaign tactics, one of which they had to remove from Youtube, due to the amount of very negative feedback.

Black Horse Pike school board has a few image problems of their own as well. ALL 3 high schools within the regional district have been plagued by scandal with what had been reported as inappropriate behavior by teachers involving students. The issue was just again brought up by the Courier Post. All of these issues happened under the Bucceroni, Zanghi, Ellis, tenure.
With Bucceroni and Zanghi holding multiple jobs, maybe their focus is not where it should be.

Voters should just simply ask themselves WHY? Why is the Gloucester Township Democrats and their behind the scenes PACS dumping so much money on these school board races?

When you go to the polls, just ask yourself, what would "checks and balances" do for the tax paying public of Gloucester Township and our children?

Gloucester Township News endorses Dawson andPildis for Black Horse Pike Regional school board

Gloucester Township, Camden County

For the Black Horse Pike Regional school board, Gloucester Township News endorses Candidates, Jill Dawson andCharles Pildis,
Of the five candidates vying for the regional school board, Bucceroni, and Zanghi, are multi job holders and part of the local political machine.
Dawson and Pildis would be a welcome fresh change for the board, and bring "checks and balances" to the very political board that has no spending limits.

Dawson and Pildis, are just what the schools, parents, and taxpayers need for a successful and responsible future.

Gloucester township's $302,000 "Swamp Pink" at the GEMS landfill, continues to cost taxpayers

Gloucester Township, Camden County,NJ

From late 2010, to mid 2014, Gloucester township taxpayers funded the infamous "swamp pink" plant and the GEMS landfill.
Once again GEMS made a "cash call" to Gloucester Township for almost $1 million, for cost maintenance, and Gloucester Township Mayor Mayer, and council once again failed to ask the GEMS trustees where the money goes. Township residents pushed the issue for the past month, before Mayer and council pass another resolution to borrow even more money at taxpayer's expense.

Several years ago, former Mayor Hatton, had requested to put a solar field on the GEMS sight when the SREC was above $600. Gloucester Township council obstructed her efforts at every turn. When all else failed, an 11th hour discovery of "swamp pink" at the base of the landfill mound was suddenly found and endangered. So residents are familiar with the "flower of power". It may be worthy of mention the the former Mayor was a Republican, introducing this project to a Democratic controlled council.Even though this was also being paid for by investors at no cost to the taxpayers of Gloucester Township.

Now that council finally requested project expenditures from the GEMS trustees, the costs to township makes you scratch your head. listed are just some of the costs listed.
"Swamp Pink monitoring program" $302,000 by CH2M Hill professional services
"Government oversight" $20,000 NJDEP
"Trustee oversight" $256,000 ???????? (Note Public Works supervisor is also Gloucester Township's GEMS "Trustee".

Do Gloucester Township residents have any ideas where their hard earned money goes to? Besides photo ops, Mayor Mayer does not remain at council meetings to do the business of the township, or answer questions.

(Update) Gloucester Township council did pass the resolution to borrow another $1.6 Million to answer the GEMS most recent "cash call". Mayor Mayer is surely expected to sign it.