Norcross (D NJ) sits in instead of standing up to ISIS terrorist.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

As Donald Norcross (D NJ) joins other ranking congressional Democrats in a sit in on the floor, in a sit in, ISIS still goes without blame.
Before congress can go after American citizen's guns, they need to place blame clearly where is belongs. On ISIS. While calling names to their colleagues on the other side of the isle,
they have failed to call out ISIS for their attacks, instead going after guns.

Call it misguided or misdirected anger.

Norcross who represents Camden county and the city of Camden, sat it with other Democratic leaders, no one has heard him point a finger, or even identify those who choose to attack Americans here and abroad. Sitting in does nothing to protect Americans.

If you are going to come after American citizen's guns, you need to let those same citizens know who is behind the guns that are killing Americans and other innocent people around the world.

Are Democrats and ISIL inadvertently assisting one and other ?


As we again deal with tragedy in the United States, could each incident be furthering the objectives of ISIL and Democratic lawmakers, inadvertently?
These could be the unintended consequences, as Democratic lawmakers like Donald Norcross (D-NJ) pursue American citizen's guns. As ISIL continues to bring on more support, in the way of "American home grown" attacks using guns, they are also watching American lawmakers who are pursuing guns instead of them.
One would have to ask, if every time ISIL uses guns in their attacks, the "Liberal" and "Progressive" wing of the Democratic party's lawmakers, appeal to the American people that it is the guns that are the source of these attacks, and neglect to show that same passion again the ISIL movement and objectives.

So if you are ISIL, would you continue to use guns in your attacks? Previous attacks had used planes, box cutters, and pressure cookers, and lawmakers have no issues with those items used as weapons. There has been a split on "gun control" by the two sides of ideology for years, but could these tragedies be the keys to move forward on more gun control?

ISIL appears to target "gun free" zones, or "soft targets", in these attacks. So if these lawmakers continue to go after American citizen's guns, there may be no limit to the new
"soft and gun free" zones that ISIL will look at. There has to be a common sense answer to this, but it needs to start with those who attack us and why they do.

Donald Norcross, and his colleagues, should recognize our attackers for who they are, and address those who choose to hurt, and kill Americans. Then we can discuss what is common sense
issues about guns.

Let's make "AMERICA SAFE AGAIN" first

Gloucester Township electricity aggregation holding people on the phone for 30 mins or more to "opt out"

Gloucester Township

If you already got your letter indicating the Gloucester Township is going to switch your electricity supplier, without your consent, and you have no option, but
to opt out, then you should make plenty of time for that "opt out" process.
Those that are calling the TriEagle energy company to notify them of your opting out and becoming frustrated by the amount of time they are left on hold.

Atlantic City Electric and PSE&G are helpless to assist you, as the actual 3rd party supplier holds the key to the opt out gate.

This is what happens when government tries to run something. Gloucester Township should have left well enough alone, just for 1 penny of savings, if that.

Gloucester Township sends out letters stating that 3rd party electricity supplier is not your choice. YOU have to opt out.

Gloucester Township

Video of Gloucester Township Council meeting that they voted and passed the resolution (R-16:05-159) on May 23, 2016

Gloucester Twp Democrats silent on Presidential race. Trump sealed the deal with Republicans.

Gloucester Township

Gloucester Township Democrats have been silent on the 2016 Presidential race between Hilary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.
The race can give Clinton the delegates that she needs, or keep the race contended into California, 3 hours later into the night. The Gloucester Twp
Democrats were also silent in 2008, when Clinton and Obama were in a heated race, and again in 2012 the local party did not come out with their support,or endorsement for Obama.

The race also includes somewhat of an interesting race in the 1st Congressional district between establishment incumbent, Donald Norcross, and newcomer Progressive candidate.
Alex Law. A recent debate between the two was cancelled this past week, which now has people talking.

Interesting election season either way.

Did Gloucester Township Mayor and Council basically legalize utility "slamming" ?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

"Slamming" is described as changing a subscriber's service without their consent.
In August, you will receive a letter that will be initiated by Gloucester Township Council, and Mayor Dave Mayor, that will inform you that your electricity supplier will now be handled by a 3rd party entity. If you are currently with PS&G or Atlantic Electric, you will be switched.

What do you gain from this 1 CENT savings/kw/h. You will be switched without your consent. You will be required to "OPT OUT".

Some say that if the program was "that great", the people of Gloucester Township would want to opt in. It is by an act of Government intrusion, that the people would have to opt out of a Government program.

What property tax increases Gloucester Township residents will see starting this month.

The following are approved property tax increases that will effect Gloucester Township resident starting June 2016.

12% Approved by Gloucester Township Council and Mayor
4.4% Approved by Gloucester Township local school dist
2.8% Black Horse Pike Regional school dist
1.9% Camden County Freeholders

Is it no wonder that more people are leaving and more vacant homes in Gloucester Township


Rutgers-Eagleton Poll 45th Anniversary Series: Celebrating the Great Garden State

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – As New Jerseyans, we may have a lot in common with one another, but there are some issues of utmost importance on which we do not see eye to eye. Perhaps one of the most divisive – or, dare we say, “meatiest” – is whether a certain pork-based meat product should be referred to as “pork roll” or “Taylor Ham.” You can often detect whether someone resides in North or South Jersey just by asking them this question ( has an interactive map, documenting the divide, as well as a recent short history and the political future of the meat here). Even the President of the United States knows better than to get in the middle of this classic New Jersey debate.
But if one state legislator has his way, the question may soon be resolved. According to a recent story, Assemblyman Tim Eustace (D-Bergen) wants the Legislature to choose, introducing two different bills naming the state’s “official sandwich,” one for each moniker.
If a December 2015 Rutgers-Eagleton Poll is correct, Eustace is courting real trouble. Statewide, 35 percent of New Jersey residents say they call the beloved meat “Taylor Ham,” while 38 percent insist it is called “pork roll”; 13 percent don’t call the meat by either name, 2 percent use the terms interchangeably and 12 percent are simply not sure what they normally call it. So, as with many other things in this state, the public is evenly split, and the Legislature may want to tread carefully!

Why? Because regional differences are real: 59 percent of those who reside in North Jersey typically refer to it as Taylor Ham, while 65 percent of South Jerseyans side with calling it “pork roll.”
But what about those living in the perhaps mythical land of “Central Jersey” (which many insist does not exist)? When it comes to processed meat, it appears that Central Jerseyans look more like those in the south than those in the north. Twenty-five percent of self-identified Central Jerseyans call it “Taylor Ham”; 45 percent say “pork roll.”
The number of years one has been a resident of the great Garden State also affects views on the food item. The longer one has lived here, the more likely they are to take a side: almost half of relative newcomers waver on what to definitively call the meat, while about nine in 10 residents who have lived here their entire lives take a stand. “Pork roll” wins among those who have been here up to a decade or two, but the contest becomes much tighter among those who have lived in New Jersey a quarter of a century or more.
Other demographic disparities exist when it comes to what to call the meat, but in the end, whatever the label, we all know there is nothing better or more quintessentially New Jersey than a delicious pork roll – or is it Taylor Ham? – sandwich. And there is no better time to celebrate than this weekend with not one, but two festivals honoring the state’s beloved food!
Results are from a statewide poll of 843 adults contacted by live callers on both landlines and cell phones from Nov. 30 to Dec. 6, 2015. The sample has a margin of error of +/-3.8 percentage points. Interviews were done in English and, when requested, Spanish. This release is part of the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll’s yearlong celebration of over 200 public opinion polls and 45 years of public opinion polling in the Garden State.

Note: Results are from our celebratory 200th Rutgers-Eagleton Poll in December 2015 and are part of a series of questions that explored some classic Garden State debates. Initial analysis was performed by Carly Frank, Rutgers University-New Brunswick Class of 2017. Frank is a political science major and labor studies minor in the School of Arts and Sciences, as well as an undergraduate associate of the Eagleton Institute of Politics. She is the social media specialist for the Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling, as well as a research assistant.

Approximate 12% tax increase. Why are taxes going up again in Gloucester Township ?

Gloucester Township, Camden County

The answer is easy. The answer is always easy.
It is SPENDING. Previous stories in GTNews has indicated that just about every year, Gloucester Township Business Administrator states that the budget must go up
as a result of "storms", and the budget is increased. The following year the budget is prepared for that same number of storms. The next year comes and the same number of storms hit, and they request more money for storms knowing that taxpayers won't remember the money allocated for the storms is already in the budget.

So what happens to that money? Well, according to Gloucester Township Administrator Tom Cardis, “Once the budget lapses, that money is gone,”. Just about every year, it's the same thing.

It's a political game called "tax and spend" and Gloucester Township is at the tops in their field.

What makes this even more difficult to residents is that people are leaving Gloucester Township, thus the tax burden is left to those still here. Who makes up for the loss in taxpayer populations? Those still here, and you are seeing it again this year. Does the Mayor and Council reduce spending? The budget every year does not indicate that.

It actually indicates more of the same. Tax and spend.

A 3rd Supermarket to come to Erial. Literally in Acme's backyard.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

At Monday night's council meeting the sale of a small parcel of the Nike base that has sat vacant for years, may just have something new in store for the Erial part of Gloucester Township.
The resolution R-16:04-136 indicates an agreement of sale between the township and LIDL US Operations LLC, could mean discount German grocery chain could be in the works on the southern end of the Nike base property, which is located right behind the Erial Acme.

LIDL US, is based in Arlington, Va, and is expanding it's operations in the US. "In German, the I's are pronounced like E's."

LIDL is currently seeking to build in the Raleigh, N.C area, as they seek the location in Erial, Gloucester Township.