Is Astro turf "worth" puting on fields for our children? Weigh the millions and the possible health hazards.

Gloucester Township, Camden County

Council not only disregarded residents warning of possible harmful materials in the base of the "artificial turf", but went ahead and approved it without consideration of what may be the long term effects of the "crumb rubber" base of that turf. NJDEP has not taken a position on the turf, weather it is deemed harmful or harmless, but note that towns are installing it.
Video footage of an Ohio investigative reporter.

As Gloucester Township finds itself in more than $100 Million in debt and loans, Mayor Mayer, and Council, are borrowing again to install the turf for Community Park.
Most cost estimates put the fields at $600,000/ fields, with two fields costing $1.2 Million, Mayer and Council just decided to bond/borrow $2.7 Million. The same children that are going to be playing on those fields will also have that debt to bear in the future.

We always aim to keep Gloucester Township residents and taxpayers in the loop, as Gloucester Township Mayor and Council refuse to TELEVISE meetings

GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP'S DEBT CLOCK at link below: (includes both schools districts debt)

Gloucester Township's expensive "astro turf". Is it costing your kid's health?

Gloucester Township, Camden County

Everyone has an opinion on "artificial turf", but what are the FACTS before you allow Gloucester Township to put your children on what could be a dangerous playing field

COMING SOON!! Meet those who serve Gloucester Township.

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

Coming soon to Gloucester Township News.
Meet those who serve you in Gloucester Township. Get to know what they do for the people of Gloucester Township, and find out what you do for them.

In the next several months, we will be featuring those who work for the township, those whom are elected to office, departmental administrators , and also appointments by your elected officials.

Comcast Township, aka Gloucester Township, NJ

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

Just across the Delaware river from Philadelphia, Gloucester Township, gives Chicago a run for its more than questionable dealings.
As if it weren't bad enough that Mayor (Comcast) Mayer, and Council, have township residents locked into an exclusive agreement with Comcast for the next almost 19 years on cable TV,
the township showed another "sleeping arrangement" with Comcast once again.

Residents of Gloucester Township began getting letters in the mail, alerting them that their electric, AND gas suppliers would now be under "Energy Rewards" an Xfinity/Comcast company.
The letter from the Comcast owned company says, "We are excited that you chose Energy Rewards for your energy supply.
The letter they received from the GAS company, South Jersey Gas, states "Congratulations on choosing to participate in the NJ energy choice program".
Last but not least, PSE&G' letter states, "This letter confirms YOUR choice of a new electric third party supplier.

The problem being, that these residents chose NOTHING. They made no switches, no requests were ever made. Gloucester Township Mayor and Council made that choice for them.
The township is allowing Comcast to take over these utilities, making the residents have to "Opt out" not the way it is normally done as people making their OWN choice.

It might be interesting to know that Mayor, David Mayer is not only the FULL TIME Mayor of Gloucester Township, but he is a FULL TIME LOBBYIST for that same Comcast corporation,
or as Comcast would term it, NJ Director of "Legislative Affairs". Some might ask the "conflict of interest" or collusion questions.
The energy supplier deal price is for a limited time, and Comcast customers, know where that is headed, just check your cable bill.

Letters attached: Click attachments lower right

Why are "Red light Cameras" still up in Gloucester Township?

Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ

After an early departure, the "red light cameras" discontinued in New Jersey early in 2015, yet they still remain in Gloucester Township.
New Jersey into a 5 year pilot program, in which the cameras would be used, and examined, for their usefulness for "safety" throughout the state.
The legislators along with Governor Christie decided that it was time for the cameras to go. Most people in the state felt that they were a "money grab"
for towns and municipalities, and also felt that they caused "rear end" accidents then they prevented.

Now that the cameras were no longer needed in Gloucester Township, we ask why are those cameras still here. Those same cameras in other states have also been utilized for checking speed, and citing drivers for speeding with no police officer discretion on site. Is Gloucester Township lining up for that use, and who is paying for those cameras to sit on local poles?

Those cameras could certainly be making money for other towns across the country, so why would they still be sitting on poles in Gloucester Township?

$108 MILLION in debt, Gloucester Township Mayor and Council talk about $10 MILLION more debt for "Artificial turf"

As voters go to the polls tomorrow, they should consider the amount of debt that the local politicians have racked up. Gloucester Township has bonded/borrowed
upwards of $108 Million that has doubled since 2007 when Vice President of Council, Orlando Mercado was elected to office.

The township currently has Mayor Mayer speaking with the leaders of local youth sports groups about adding another $10 Million of debt to add "artificial turf" to many of the fields around the township. Not only are there health questions about the base of the turf on the youth sports field, but those same children will inherit, that debt.

It's things like that, that lead some Independent Democrats to go out on their own and join the Republicans in this council race, to what they call "Fiscal Responsibility",

It's nothing more than common sense. People should know that when they cast their vote. It's not just their future, but their children.


How "pay to play" impacts taxpayers in Gloucester Township. Part 1 Remington & Vernick

If you are from Gloucester Township, you may not realize it, but "Pay to Play" does cost you. Let's look at the numbers, and you decide for yourself.
Gloucester Township collects taxes from every home owner in the township. It is for County and local services, which include, Police, trash collection, and other municipal services.
Sometimes, contractors, vendors, and engineers are needed to help provide these services. Well, one of those services is the Engineering services of Remington & Vernick.
They charge a fee to the township, for surveying, for future and current services and projects, as they have in the past, like the timing of the "red light cameras".

Remington & Vernick have been paid in recent years no less than $100,000 per month, or $1.2 MILLION per year for those fees. Sometimes just for "consulting".
So when you look at the amount of "political" contributions and donations, that they have made to the 5 or more Gloucester Township Democratic Political Action Committees (PACS),
you may wonder, is the township being overcharged?, and if so the taxpayers being overcharged? Is Remington & Vernick having such a profitable time, Are they just feeling charitable?
Since 2007, the Gloucester Township Democratic organization, PACS, and Team Mayer have received $300,350 in donations to date, and this year is another election year.

The donations may come in increments of $5,000 at a time, multiple times of year. That $5000 amount is to many of the 5 Political Action Committees run by the local Democratic party, and Team Mayer. So, think about it this way. If that $300,000 goes back to the taxpayers, rather than political donations, it would reduce the tax burden. Especially if that was multiplied times the other donors that do business in Gloucester Township. Remington & Vernick are just amoungst the bigger donors. An easier way of doing that is to just have R & V reduce the amount of fees, rather than political donations, the tax burden would already be reduced. It just that your local Gloucester Township Progressive government would rather find new ways to spend and waste it, rather that reduce the tax burden, and lower taxes.

A very simple way to put it. Remington & Vernick could stop making political donations and help lower our taxes. $300,350. That would help many people struggling to keep their homes and put food on the table. Maybe even save them enough to pay their high property taxes, or keep their home for going up for tax sale.
Either way, your tax dollars wind up in the hands of Gloucester Township Democratic politicians in the way of donations.

Think about that on election day this November.

GTNews may be opinionated, but Gloucester Township Patch is proving themselves to be Mayor Mayer's press hyperlink.

Gloucester Township, Camden County 6 Aug 2015

When negative news about the local Gloucester Township politicians and elected officials, spreads by word of mouth, local Newspapers like the Courier Post and Inquirer, are felt to be a lock for the Norcross machine. It is pretty much accepted that they won't print stories about their "friends.
A few years back, a young man came to town, and started the Gloucester Township Patch. Sean McCullen, would come to council meetings, school board, and attend events.
He would generally print what he saw, or at least write about how he saw it. He grew to gain a reputation for being fair and honest. The local news hyperlink began to grow, and get very popular amoungst Gloucester Township residents and even the blogs got busy discussing McCullens stories. The Patch was were you could go to catch up on local news and politics from a neutral point of view.
Since then, two new local "journalist" took the wheel. one is now gone, and are running the local Patch that appears that Mayor Mayer is handing over most, if not all of the information that they want out on patch. The negative news on the Mayor's team is apparently suppressed. With still no TV coverage of council meetings. Most in Gloucester Township will never know.

Recently the Vice President of Council Orlando Mercado made a motion to completely shut down the public portion of the July 27th council meeting. The basis of that motion, is that he did not agree with what the Local Republican resident had to say. Even though he never did hear what it was the resident was going to say.
It was seconded by Councilman S. Daniel Hutchinson, when again unanimously approved to stop ALL residents from speaking at the public portion.

Interestingly enough, Patch put out a story for the Mayor Mayer administration about "Red Light fatalities" across the country, which sounds very much like the Mayer's reintroduction to the "red light cameras" and the revenue that the tax and spend government misses.

Residents have for the past week tried to reach out to Patch, but they have not answered those calls, nor have they returned any of those calls.

Below is the link by the NJ Open Government folks on what the Patch had no interest in;

Does Timber Creek High look like a Solar Panel graveyard?

When you drive by the staggering amount of solar panels at Timber Creek high school, does it look like "over kill" ?

See attached pictures below.

FACTS are FACTS MAYOR MAYER. They are not to be IGNORED.

Gloucester Township, Camden County May 23, 2015

In typical Gloucester Township fashion, Mayor Mayer is quoted in an story that despite the census numbers, he "feels" that the town is "still growing".
Many residents and taxpayers may whole hardheartedly disagree.
When you look around the neighborhoods of Gloucester Township, it is easy to see that people are leaving. Businesses may be coming, but are they keeping up with the numbers of businesses leaving? When you give a lengthy tax break, or abatement,leaving stores, and local businesses have been seen the township, some heading to nearby Winslow and other surrounding towns.
It has also been noticed, that some of our more recent arrivals have been feeling pressure from the township administration, to have the township incorporated into their store front signs.

Politicians have long since used "census" figures to their advantage, even in township as they have set funding and aid to Gloucester Township by the "numbers".

Taxpayers want "growth" to make a difference in offsetting their tax burden. If taxes continue to go up after four "0"s then a 9% increase in the tax levy, the "new" ZERO is now 9% higher. Taxpayers feel growth, when their taxes go down and spending goes down.

Facts are Facts Mr. Mayer. Some times they go in your favor, But don't ignore the facts when they don't.

See Mayor Mayors comments on the story at: